Reignite your marriage in 2 days.

Our private, 1-on-1, retreats for couples is a powerful way for any relationship to get back on track.

We help couples struggling with…

Reignite your marriage by Smalley Institute
  • infidelity
  • rebuilding trust
  • unforgiveness
  • pornography
  • communication breakdowns
  • unresolved conflict
  • remarriage issues
  • sexual intimacy and enjoyment
  • emotional abuse

Reignite your marriage in 2-days because our program will…

  • Breakdown the walls of unforgiveness and bitterness
  • Restore hope in each other
  • Rebuild trust, no matter what has happened
  • Specifically address and resolve your biggest conflicts
  • Give you communication tools to resolve future conflict
Your relationship matters.

Reignite your relationship


In 2 Days

The concentration of time is the heart of our formula and marriage education program. We understand how difficult it is for you and your spouse to put thoughts and feelings on hold each week waiting for your next marriage counseling session. Don't spend months trying to get help, spend 2 days. Call us 800-975-8748 today.

With Resources

No matter what you're looking for, help in better communicating with each other, handling finances, sexual intimacy, forgiveness, parenting struggles, or you just want to make a good relationship even better! You can discover lots of books, DVD's, online courses, and more in our store.


If you are looking for immediate help or encouragement for your relationship, then why not try out one of our online courses. Whether you're engaged, married, or needing help with your parenting, there's an online course available for you. Take your relationship to the next level, check out an online course today.

What our couples are saying


“This is the most eye opening experience I have had in regards to my marriage.”


“Far exceeded what I could have ever expected.”


“This we believe saved us. I feel incredibly relieved and energized about our future together.”