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Parents can better learn how to raise their children when they can discuss their strengths and weaknesses with other parents. This series has 8 sessions with over 4 hours of teaching by Gary Smalley and includes a workbook. Topics include:

  1. Discovering what “type” of parent you are
  2. Discovering your child’s personality type
  3. Overcoming the major destroyer of families
  4. Providing loving support to your child,
  5. Contracts: Setting limits in a loving way
  6. Developing a close-knit family,
  7. Ten powerful ways to motivate your children Using the “SALT” Principle to encourage communication.

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3 reviews for Homes of Honor Parenting series DVD

  1. CLHYoung
    5 out of 5


    My husband and I had the opportunity to attend the Love and Laughter seminar several months ago where we purchased this DVD series. We decided to watch them with our girls, ages 9 and 13, and when we first told them we would be watching the first session for family worship night, they grumbled a little, thinking they were about to watch a sermon. But as soon as the first session was over, they begged to watch another and we ended up watching several that first night. We were amazed by their interest in learning about themselves!

    We slowed down and just watched one session per worship after that because we found ourselves pausing during the session a lot to discuss things in the video. Most often the pause button was hit by one of the girls who had a comment to make about what they were hearing. We now greet each other often with, “Hello Valuable One!” (which they secretly love) and while we haven’t formally sat down to do a chart where they choose their own discipline, we have done it on a case by case basis. We do plan to make a family chart in the next week or two since it’s worked out well in the few cases we’ve used it in.

    We are now watching the DVD series, “Guarding Your Child’s Heart” with them and wondering what we will watch next when this series is over. Maybe it will be time for a Homes of Honor refresher!

    GREAT series!

    Cheryl Y, Salem, OR

  2. Robin Carter
    5 out of 5


    I took a parenting class that worked through this series. I gained so much that I had to purchase this set for home use. I have children growing up and grown children with kids of their own. It is such a benefit for everyone. My younger ones are learning (as well as thier dad and myself) how to be the best parents for the future generations. I am thrilled and look forward to my next Smalley DVD set on marriage. I encourage folks out there to invest in their families first and these tools do that!

  3. Kay Mason
    5 out of 5


    We use the Homes of Honor DVD curriculum here at Life Choices Family Resource Center. We work with young unwed moms and dads-to-be, and in addition to our prenatal classes we enourage the couples to stay for relationship classes, and this series is the best we have found. Our “friends” are captivated from the very start. Gary’s easy manner of talking, his use of personal experiences, and his depth of knowledge engage these young people immediately. In 27 years of serving the Montrose area, this series tops everything we have used. Thank you, Dr. Smalley, for giving of your time to make this available.

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