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What causes conflict?

21 Mar

There’s no way to overcome our weaknesses without knowing our strengths. Why? Almost without exception, our weaknesses are a reflection of our strengths being pushed to an extreme. Many family conflicts are caused by viewing another person’s strengths as weaknesses. A clear view of what naturally motivates another person can open the door to greater […]

The art of timing

05 Dec

There’s more to effective communication than putting together and then practicing the right message. Picking the right time and place to convey it is also crucial. In a marriage, meaningful words bring life-giving water to the soil of a person’s life. In fact, all loving relationships need the continual intake of the water of communication […]

The question is: How can I honor God and my husband?

14 Nov

Question: I believe we should tithe, but my husband doesn’t. My husband is a Christian, but he believes tithing isn’t necessary. I disagree. How do I honor my husband and honor God? ? Answer: Tithing itself is not a difficult concept. Christians should live their lives open-handed—acknowledging that they are merely stewards of God’s possessions. […]

A Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage – Disclaimer

04 Oct

Our newest book is “A Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage: how the power of one changes everything!”  This book is the culmination of working many years with couples in conflict through our Marriage Restoration Intensive program.  It is the most powerful thing a person can do to positively impact/influence their marriage.  We want to […]

I Wish My Daddy Was A Dog

30 Sep

“Daddy, would you please play like you’re a little doggie?” These were the words that greeted me (Greg) when I would return home from work. Instead of wanting me to play with her toys or read a book, my oldest daughter, Taylor, when she was two, wanted me to get down on all fours and […]

Becoming a great date

30 Sep

(This post is by Erin Smalley) “Enjoy life with the woman [or man] whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which [God] has given to you under the sun; for this is your reward in life…” (Ecclesiastes 9:9). This encouragement was written around the year 935 B.C. Even thousands of years ago, […]

What's the real problem in your relationship? DNA Series Part 5

30 Sep

The Dance That Destroys Relationships Understanding and avoiding the relationship dance creates the biggest and fastest change in couples who visit our center. They leave holding hands because they finally get the “dance.” Between sessions at a marriage seminar in the Midwest, a clearly distressed couple, Dan and Celeste, approached my son Michael.8 He had […]