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The art of timing

05 Dec

There’s more to effective communication than putting together and then practicing the right message. Picking the right time and place to convey it is also crucial. In a marriage, meaningful words bring life-giving water to the soil of a person’s life. In fact, all loving relationships need the continual intake of the water of communication […]

Choices That Impact Your Marriage

24 Jan

God has given you the ability to choose. Next to the gift of His Son Jesus, this is the most precious gift you possess. It’s what separates you from all other forms of life on this planet. Making choices allows you to tap into strengths you never thought you had and exercise the power to […]

The Secrets to a Secure Marriage

17 Jan

Studies have shown various stages of love such as—the delight of infatuation, the challenge of post-rapture, the excitement of discovery, or the blessings of connection. No matter what stage of love you are in the key to dealing with the inevitable changes inherent in each is to focus on creating a secure environment for your […]

Couple Communication for Anger Management

10 Nov

An article on communication I found helpful: Couples can use the language between them to make love or to make war. Sadly, verbal aggression can be a dangerous trigger to destructive exchanges or even physical violence. Effective communication techniques, on the other hand, help couples manage difficulties and anger in a way that is constructive […]

The Five Levels of Intimacy

27 Oct

The First Level Here, a couple simply tries to avoid each other and when they do speak, it is usually shallow conversation or exchanging clichés. They say things like: “How you doing?” “I’m fine.” “Please pass the salt.” At this level, there is little discussion about life or each other. The Second Level Here, the […]

A Communication Tool

26 Oct

You’ve probably already practiced LUV Talk whether you realized it or not. Every time you pass through a drive-through window at your favorite fast-food restaurant, you’ve been engaged in LUV Talk. You place your order, then the drive-through attendant repeats your order back to you. Like the fast-food clerk repeats a customer’s order, a mate […]