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7 ways to love so powerfully even the 4th generation of your family will feel it

11 Feb

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (78.4MB) In today’s show…7 ways to love that will impact even the 4th generation of your family! SPECIAL OFFER And by the way, if you haven’t left a review yet in iTunes, don’t be shy, it’s easy to do and it really lets me know you’re listening (and […]

Five amazing promises from Jesus

01 Mar

I love the teachings of Jesus and He tells us five powerful, life changing, things about Himself. Now these five are not the only important things Jesus said, but they are pretty amazing! He is the living bread that will give life forever. Mankind will never again hunger for truth because His truth is so […]

Solving the Muslim and Christian conflict – and how that can save your marriage

06 Aug

I imagine there are people reading this entry who feel a lot like the middle east in their marriage. Thousands of years of fighting, no resolution in sight, cease fires that never last, and hopelessness about the future. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m reading a good book by Joseph Girzone titled, “Joshua […]