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Pitfalls of Perfectionism | Psychology Today

27 Aug

You could say that perfectionism is a crime against humanity. Adaptability is the characteristic that enables the species to survive—and if there’s one thing perfectionism does, it rigidifies behavior. It constricts people just when the fast-moving world requires more flexibility and comfort with ambiguity than ever. It turns people into success slaves. Perfectionists, experts now […]

Kids Can Make a Beautiful Marriage Ugly

02 May

The birth of children has an immediate negative impact on even blissfully happy couples, raising stress and reducing satisfaction levels of husbands and wives, new research says. Reasons for the negative toll kids take on marriage vary between men and women, but researchers say satisfaction levels start dropping as soon as children are born. The […]

How Much Privacy Should Parent’s Grant Kids’ Digital Life?

29 Jan

DadTalk: How Much Privacy Should Parent’s Grant Kids’ Digital Life? Scenario: Your 13-year-old daughter comes home from school, runs crying up to her bedroom with cell phone in hand. Do you: 1. Go up and talk to your daughter but don’t ask to see the message on the phone. 2. Demand to see the messages […]

When your kid freaks out

23 May

All I wanted to do was help my 9 year-old daughter learn her spelling, but judging by her reaction, you would think I was trying to help someone rip the fingernails from her tiny hands! Conflict comes in many ways, reasons, and circumstances.  They key to conflict with your kids is to maintain your own […]