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A Smalley Short: Dating doesn’t have to be miserable

07 Mar

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:01 — 2.3MB) Hi, I’m Michael Smalley, for smalleycenter.com. Dating doesn’t have to be miserable. Too many singles today get frustrated because they become desperate to find the “perfect” person to marry. But here’s a little, unknown secret. You’ll never find the perfect person. In fact, you […]

Engaged Couples Rarely Discuss Sex, Finances Or Other Issues Before Wedding

18 Jan

Check out the full article here: In the euphoria of engagement and hubbub of wedding planning, brides and grooms avoid authentic conversations about the issues that eventually lead to almost half of all marriages ending in divorce. The estimated 2.3 million pairs of American brides and grooms who will wed this year will spend, on […]

Are you dysfunctional? Of course you are!

29 Dec

You need to read this article I found today: Tim and Susie are seeing a marriage counselor. You might assume it’s because they had big problems. But you’d be wrong. Tim Martin says, “ Dysfunctional people go to a counselor, and everyone’s dysfunctional, none of us can get out of that one, none of us […]

Thankful Thursday

21 Nov

Our local Christian radio station designates Thursdays as “thankful” Thursday each week. On this day, listeners can call in to share what they are thankful for. How convenient that the day set aside each year to give thanks for our blessings also falls on this day of the week. It’s hard to believe we are […]

Do you take parenting too seriously?

23 Aug

The widow of Dr. Spock (by far the best-selling parenting expert of all time) , Mary Morgan, says that today’s parents take parenting way too seriously: Mary Morgan, widow of the late Dr Benjamin Spock, thinks the tidal wave of advice for parents – those hundreds of books about ‘perfect parenting’, ‘idiot parenting’ and all […]

Strangers giving life

08 Aug

Life-Saving Strangers After One Kidney Was Incompatible, Eager Donor Found Recipient and Spurred More Transplants By BARBARA PINTO July 26, 2007 A domino-like series of kidney transplants across the country first started with Matt Jones, a 28-year-old father of four. Last week, he made the unusual decision to donate his kidney to a complete stranger. […]

Is your child sleep deprived?

23 Jul

I found the following chart in USA Today this morning and thought it might be helpful for all the parents with tiny ones: When I look at the number of hours an infant is suppose to sleep, I feel ashamed!  My children never slept like the perfect little darlings in this table.  But I will […]

How to deal with your toddler's fits

02 Jun

First, you need to watch this video. It is a classic! [youtube]GLaxw14mP1o[/youtube] If this scene feels too familiar, then you might want to read the following tips on helping your toddler overcome fits: 1. The first thing you always want to do with a toddler is simply ignore the fit. This is most often the […]