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Why won't you trust me?

15 Sep

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is “My spouse doesn’t trust me, how do I regain his or her trust?” Issues of trust touch all relationships in one way or another. We either have difficulty trusting others or are frustrated that someone won’t trust us. Intimacy actually is opening yourself up and […]

Does love mean never quitting?

22 Apr

When we wrote the book, Don’t Date Naked, we wrote it because we had to.  We were so passionate about young adults learning that they could be successful in dating, that we put it in to book format.  There is something new we are getting passionate about and that I know is going to lead […]

The family who is ONE

08 Jul

More than anything, Jesus wanted his disciples to be one – united.  He has this same dream for the rest of us as well.  The cool thing is…when we are one we reflect Jesus through our relationships so the world will know that we follow Him. The greatest example a family can be for those […]

Red Letters: The greatest words ever spoken about your life, your relationships, and your future!

17 Mar

I couldn’t be more excited about my next sermon series! It is all Jesus, all the time.  One of my dear friends, Steve Scott, has written a book that is coming out in the Fall of 2008 titled “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken”.  He is the first person to categorize everything Jesus was ever recorded […]